President Barack Obama marked his 100th office on Wednesday, but it’s hardly the only digit that matters to the new administration.

Some highlights of Obama’s first 100 days, by the numbers:

$3.6 trillion – Total spending in Obama’s proposed federal budget for 2010.

$1.75 trillion – Total projected deficit in Obama’s proposed federal budget for 2010.

$787 billion – Cost of tax cuts and new spending in economic stimulus package approved by Congress.

$567.5 billion – Increase in the public debt, from Jan. 20 through April 28.

$235 billion – Tax dollars spent to bail out failing financial institutions, Jan. 20-April 20.

2.055 million – Number of jobs lost, January-March.

908,666 – Housing foreclosures, Jan. 20-April 24.

8185.73 – Dow Jones Industrial Average close on April 29.

7949.09 – Dow Jones Industrial Average close on Obama’s Inauguration Day.

106 – U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan since Jan. 20.

49 – U.S. military deaths in Iraq since Jan. 20.

27 – Bank failures.

15 – Bills signed into law.

12 – States visited.

9 – Foreign countries visited.

4 – Visits to Camp David.

3 – Commerce secretaries nominated.

2 – Formal news conferences.

2 – Republicans in the Cabinet

1 – Visits to Hyde Park home in Chicago

1 – Commerce secretaries confirmed by the Senate.

1 – Number of college basketball teams picked by Obama that made it to the Final Four.

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