Recently in Elm Street School, the eighth graders had quite the assignment. They had to raise little babies. Don’t worry, they weren’t real, just robotic, though they had some of the same features. The babies cried, had diapers, needed to be fed and then cried some more.

When the babies cried, the students were wearing a bracelet. They had to put the bracelet on little sensor areas where there could be a problem. For example, if the baby was hungry, they would put the bracelet near the mouth and it would tell them if the baby was hungry.

The eighth graders had the babies for two days and one night. They even had the babies during class! I’m sure that must have made things difficult.

The babies were programmed to cry and wake up through out the night. It may seem like the teachers were just teasing the kids and making them deal with the child, but they were for educational purposes and to show them how tough it is to raise a child; to explain not to have sex at such a young age because you’re clearly not ready to handle a child.

Even though the babies were adorable, they won’t be used again this school year. They will be used again when I become an eighth grader. That should be fun. We’ll have to wait and see.

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