Wednesday night, March 25, I transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. This experience in my mind was far better than any other I have ever gone through. That night I felt so brave and confident and even though I did not leave with an award, I left with a feeling that is unspeakable.

I conquered my fears head on without hiding from anything or anyone. I stood straight up tall at that podium and gave a speech on what optimism means to me. This event was held by the Optimist Club and was the fourth annual contest which was held at Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls. In my eyes, the event went wonderfully. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience.

They certainly made the butterflies in my stomach flutter away. Of course I was nervous, but I did give it my all. I want to say thank you to all of the judges, the Optimist Club and all its members, and all of the loving people who gave me such faith and courage to get through that time. In the beginning, I had many questions on what judges or others would think of my speech and how they would think of me because of the topic I stuck with. But, I later told myself that win or lose, I wanted to do something for God.

I wanted to minister to people that night and touch other’s hearts and leave with hope that maybe, just maybe, there would be a new name written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Thank you again to all who made this special event possible! You truly are dream makers.

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