Just recently, on April 8, Elm Street School’s seventh and eighth graders put on a play called “After Hours.” It was directed by a language arts teacher at our school, Mrs. Wood, and produced by the gifted and talented education teacher, Mrs. Downing. I would like to say thank you to both of them for all the hard work and effort they put into this! They truly encouraged us to try new things and go out for our best! Thank you.

The play was about two mannequins, Luann and Patty, who are actually… alive. When the store owner, Jillian, and security guard, Henry, are away for a time, they begin to walk around the shop looking around and barking at the ugly styles that have become somewhat fashionable. But, earlier in the performance, a crate is delivered and inside it holds another mannequin. His name is Danny. He is a car fanatic, wild, and crazy mannequin who has the dream of one day becoming a crash test dummy. But, things don’t seem to go as smooth as hoped. Later, two burglars enter the shop and loudly empty out the cash register completely. Well, it doesn’t end there! Then the three heroic mannequins rush to save the day! The burglars are sent away and the shop goes back to its original format.

In my mind I thought the play went fabulous! It was actually my first school play and I was as nervous as ever. I hoped and prayed I wouldn’t forget my lines! But, before the play began, standing on stage I could hear the thump, thump, thump of my heart. I felt like a cartoon character and I honestly thought that all audience members could see the outburst of my heart going in, and out, in and out.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the amazing teachers who certainly did a phenomenal job, to the audience who made this play seem so much more fun and exciting for me, and my parents for always believing in me. Hearing the words, “You did a fantastic job,” are what really makes one feel special. I heard so many compliments like that and even gave out my autograph to a young girl. Thank you to all who supported me and the rest of the cast. For you all are what made this possible.

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