“Wherever you go on land, there are signs and people telling you what to do and when to do it, but as soon as you leave level ground, it’s a whole new world; there are no rules or regulations to be holding you back,” shares Kody Priddle, one of three profound aviation fanatics that are stirring up the way teenagers think at LHS through daily efforts in building model planes. This commitment and compassion, which is often tagged as lackluster, that Kody Priddle, Kyle Priddle and Morgan Reeves possess, is as equally intriguing as it is inspiring. Morgan Reeves provides that “This experience totally fascinates all three of us, to the point that all of our investments (time and money) are totally worth it.” In fact, the trio have committed themselves to this project so deeply that they practice, build, and research these small plane models- every single day. “People are surprised when they find out that we work on our planes during the weekends and vacations. It’s like; this is what we love, we like to do what we have fun doing and this is it for us;” Kody Priddle adds. “Being involved with aviation is a given. It’s kind of like those people who say ‘when I grow up I want to be an astronaut’ and then they actually become an astronaut- we are going to do this, for sure, in some form or another.”

They have even helped a LHS science teacher by the name of Mr. Andrew Russell to uncover and revive old hobbies in aviation. The three are currently finishing a model brought in by Mr. Russell. “He asked us to help him out with it, so we are. And he has fortunately rediscovered an old hobby that will accompany him throughout retirement,” according to Reeves. Kyle Priddle explains that this hobby is not something you complete in a matter of minutes. “We have seen all too many people succumb to the difficulties but our patience in this has taught us a lot about life in general. A lot of our required school classes have helped us in this process, and this process has helped us with school classes.”

Kody Priddle ends with “If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life, and that is our common goal here.” Morgan Reeves agrees, “My opinion exactly. Aviation is a complete passion for all three of us, truly.”

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