Did you know that body piercings are recorded in Genesis 24:22, in the Bible? The first body piercing ever physically found was on a mummy that has been dead for well over 8,000 years. Body piercings popularity seems to increase three times every five years.

Being in Leavitt Area High School, it seems as though body piercings get more popular everyday, but why? Theresa Buck, a freshman at Leavitt explains why she chose to get her body piercing, “I have a labret piercing, I chose the labret piercing to have some kind of uniqueness from everybody else, I did it for the experience too, considering I pierced it myself.” Somewhere between individuality and following a trend is the reason why Leavitt’s students choose to either pierce themselves, or get pierced professionally.

Being in High School is tough, with all the labels and stereotypes, sometimes piercings can sway this opinion. “No, I don’t think my piercing stereotypes me, because a lot of people have them now and their popular throughout all stereotypes,” says Theresa Buck.

Not only do piercings stereotype you in a High School environment, they do a number on the society you live in. Theresa Buck tells us how her piercing effects her everyday life. “When I was working, my boss had me take my labret out because it draws too much attention from the public and when I’m at the mall, older generations tend to look at me funny but I guess that’s because they aren’t really used to them yet.” Though piercings are trendy and awesome to have, they do effect a persons everyday life, whether it be at a work environment, or hanging out at the mall.

I’ve listened to many opinions on body piercings, negative and positive but nothing will stop people from getting piercings. I have a piercing myself, and personally I like my piercing because the experience alone was exhilarating.

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