CLINTON – I, Bruce S. Bean, recently passed away Tuesday, May 5, after a short but sweet battle with cancer at 49 years of age.

I was born Aug. 21, 1959, the son of Harold L. and Edith M. (Ames) Bean. Having grown up on the west side of the state, I always enjoyed what the outdoors had to offer in the Farmington area. After graduation from Mt. Blue High School in 1977, I entered the U.S. Army, where I served my country and continued my education. I enjoyed the military for more than 10 years, allowing me to travel to all corners of the globe.

I left the military and moved to Clinton in 1988 and was employed by Cooper-Weymouth, Peterson, which turned out to be the most loyal and rewarding employment of my life. Later the name changed to Formtek-Maine and I was employed there until my final days.

I’ve been a member of the Clinton Lions Club for more than 10 years and call many members my friends. I’ve also served a number of years with the Clinton Budget Committee, as well as a member of the United Bikers of Maine-Kennebec. For those that get involved, thank you. For those that don’t, you think it’s time to give back a little?

I leave behind my beautiful daughter, Megan Lindsey Bean, 14, and her mom, Pam Bean, both of Clinton; my son, Joshua Sumner Bean, 28; and my oldest daughter, Jessica Marie Bean, 26, along with her two beautiful boys, Cayden and Carter and their mom, Pam Lincoln, all of Coleman, Mich. I also leave behind my mother, Edith Bean, 83, of Clinton; my younger twin sister and best friend, Brenda Dufour of Winterport; my two older sisters, Coleen Bean of Clinton and Carolyn Bernstein of Norridgewock; my older brother, Bob Bean and wife, Lois of Florida; and my girlfriend, Kathy Mitchell of Clinton.

Before me went my greatest hero, my dad, Harold L. Bean, who passed away in 1993 at 80 years old.

When not working, I’ve enjoyed frigging around the house up in the commune. My special thanks go to my brothers in Channing Place, Jeff Pierce and Ray Pickering, as many of my endeavors and dumb ideas could not have been accomplished without you guys. Our time together at camp was short, but special nonetheless. I will always love you both. Jeff, keep the duct tape nearby, you never know when a home improvement project will pop up. And Ray, keep the comforters on hand, as Zeke is still a growing boy.

I’ve enjoyed riding my bike, hunting and fishing and just spending time with Megan, Kathy and her boys. My best bike trips have been with the Mitchell boys, Luke, Jake, and Josh. Growing to love them and hold them in high regard has been simple, for they are special indeed. They are a proud and honorable crew and will always hold a special place with me. See ya boys; I’ll always ride with you.

I also leave behind many friends for I have been blessed in my life to be able to count so many, more than I knew I had including Matt Watson, who rekindled my love of all things in nature; Nancy Shorey, for all she has done for me over the years; Craig Derosby, Mike Roy, and Reggie Cunningham; my co-workers and extended family; my fellow Lions, for teaching me the humility of charity; Bud Scribner, for his endless supply of fresh sourdough bread toward the end of my journey; my mom, for bringing the paper to me every day; Steve, Nancy and Zach Hale, for too many years of love and friendship; Kathy, her boys and her mom and dad, for helping me to find my God again and allowing me to enjoy the traditions and love of the closest family there will ever be; Jeff, Lisa and Ben Pierce, for all the Sunday dinners; Joyce Rowe and Dick Gerry for their friendship; Blynn Galusha, for being an inspiration to so many for so long; my son, Josh, for taking the time to share with me a few last laughs and cries; my sister, Brenda, for always going first and telling me if it was safe, for raising hell with me on the good days and holding my hand on the bad ones; Kathy, for just plain being there, good and bad, Kathy, you have given all and asked for nothing; my daughter, Megan, your grace and maturity have given strength to all of us through this. I will always be with you, Megan.

This is it, not the end, but a new beginning. I’m off to enjoy the view. Jake, Luke and Kathy Mitchell, along with my son, Josh gave me my last bike ride on Earth. Now I’m onto endless summer days with the wind always in my face.

Myself and my family cannot express our thank yous enough to MaineGeneral Healthreach Hospice of Waterville. Special thanks to Bertha for brightening my days and Lee for our talks. Thank you to all the other nurses that helped along my journey. They are angels among us. I express a special thank-you to Dr. James Baldwin and his awesome staff for their support during this journey.

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