NORWAY – A radio-collared bear spotted along a Norway lake early Thursday afternoon dashed into the woods after local police arrived to investigate, according to Maine Warden Service spokeswoman Deborah Turcotte.

The bear is believed to be the same birdseed-addicted female bear from New Hampshire that followed the Androscoggin River into Maine to Livermore last year.

After returning to Livermore last month, she was caught and relocated to the Parmachenee area northwest of Rangeley, according to state wildlife biologist Chuck Hulsey in Strong.

One of two 80-pound yearling cubs with her in Livermore was also caught and sent to bear school to learn how to become a bear; the other cub escaped and, like its mother, is still on the lam.

Biologists believed the sow would head to Rangeley and were waiting with dogs to chase her back into the woods to try and de-acclimate her from raiding birdfeeders, but she bypassed Rangeley altogether and was spotted in Rumford a few days ago, Hulsey said.

Both Hulsey and Turcotte advised people not to feed or approach wild animals like the sow, which has yet to exhibit aggressive behavior toward people. Having been raised by people in New Hampshire and Maine and fed birdseed, the sow has a penchant for bird feeders.

“Its learned about a free and easy source of food,” Hulsey said. “Sunflower seeds are high in nutrition. Bring in your birdfeeders.”

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