LINCOLN CITY, Ind. (AP) – Nearly 3,000 people gathered at a southern Indiana park for the release of a new penny that pays homage to Abraham Lincoln’s years as a Hoosier.

The penny’s release Thursday at Lincoln State Park created traffic jams and a quarter-mile-long line filled with coin collectors and Lincoln enthusiasts carrying umbrellas to ward off the rain.

Some waited for hours to get rolls of the newly minted coins that depict – on the back side – a teenage Lincoln reading a book while taking a break from rail splitting.

Lincoln lived from age 7 to 21 in Spencer County in an area about 30 miles northeast of Evansville.

Most of the pennies were sold at face value to coin collecting fans who could get up to six rolls, but several hundred of the new coins were given away as souvenirs to young people.

U.S. Mint Director Edmond C. Moy says about 700 million of the Indiana pennies will eventually be in circulation.

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