FORREST CITY, Ark. (AP) – An armed Arkansas robbery suspect had a trick or two up his sleeve but police weren’t about to be played for fools.

Lawrence Harden Jr., 29, was arrested Wednesday, accused of robbing a liquor store the day before.

Police supervisor Bobby Carter in Forrest City says on the way to jail, the handcuffed, shackled Harden managed to open a window, get out of the SUV and run away – still in his leg irons. It took tracking dogs an hour and a half to find him.

After officers put him in a car, Carter says, Harden managed to get out of that vehicle, too. He was found behind a nearby house.

Harden was in jail Friday, charged among other things, with aggravated robbery. The sheriff’s office could not immediately say whether Harden has an attorney.

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