PERU – A motorcycle rear-ended an ATV at a stop sign Tuesday evening, injuring two people on the motorcycle, Maine State Police Trooper Paul Casey said.

Casey said Nathan Cushman, 28, of Mexico was riding his 2008 Suzuki on East Shore Road and had a passenger, Ciara MacDonald, 21, of Mexico.

“He basically ran into the back of the ATV that was almost stopped,” Casey said.

The ATV was being driven by Francis St. Croix, 53, of Halifax, Mass. The crash happened at 5:55 p.m. St. Croix had been about to turn onto Greenwoods Road.

Casey said Cushman complained of pain in his right hand and chest and MacDonald of abrasions to her right arm. Both were examined at the scene by ambulance personnel and declined to be taken to a hospital.

Casey estimated damage to the motorcycle at $3,000. The ATV had “little to no” damage and St. Croix wasn’t hurt.

He said he’s still investigating where St. Croix was coming from before the crash – ATVs are only allowed on public roadways for 300 to 500 yards depending on trail outlets.

Casey summoned Cushman for having an expired motorcycle permit and wrote a traffic ticket for carrying a passenger with a permit.

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