100 years ago

Following a short illness of blood poisoning caused by the bite of some insect, a Lewiston youngster died Sunday. Early last week the little girl was playing with the other children in a nearby field when a mosquito, fly or some other small insect stung her on the knee. That night the knee became badly swollen. Severe pain followed and when a physician was called, he pronounced it a case of blood poisoning.

50 years ago, 1959

Between $200 and $300 was stolen Saturday night in a break at the main plant and office of LeBlanc’s Cleaners, 10 Lafayette St., Lewiston. It marked the second break at the establishment in less than a year. In the Saturday break, an attempt was made to enter the safe. The intruders managed to knock off the knob but couldn’t get inside, reported police. The money was taken from an office drawer. Entrance was gained through a rear window opening which had been covered over with cardboard. One of the investigators said the break appeared to be the work of amateurs.

25 years ago, 1984

A planned mini-mall in the former Montgomery Ward building in downtown Lewiston got the go-ahead Wednesday with the approval by federal officials of a $234,000 Urban Development Action Grant loan. Plans for the Mid-Town Mall call for converting the building at 179 Lisbon St. into a combination retail, commercial and office mall. The building has stood vacant for about three years. The project includes a walkway connecting the mini-mall and Centreville Parking Garage on Canal Street.

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