LIVERMORE — Town officials have negotiated a deal to buy a 2010 International truck with an integrated dump body and sander, along with plowing equipment for $108,300. That price factors in trade-in value of a 1999 truck and the final cost may be lower if the truck sells for more than the allotted trade-in value in a direct sale through a bid process, select board administrative assistant Kurt Schaub said Thursday.
Voters approved the purchase of the truck at the June town meeting not to exceed $109,100.
Initially, the town had planned to keep the sander unit on the 1999 truck but were able to negotiate a good buy on the new truck with the sander body, he said.
The new sander will drop the sand in front of the rear wheels of the truck, which is much safer than the way the old sander had dispersed it, Schaub said.
The truck is being purchased from Morrison & Sylvester Inc. in Auburn and the dump body, sander, plow and wing will be bought from Howard P. Fairfield Inc. in Skowhegan.
“It was a good process,” Schaub said.
A committee made up of town officials, including Schaub, sales representatives and the entire Highway Department crew reviewed truck options and specifications, he said.
Schaub and highway foreman Don St. Laurent plan to start review of at least 19 applications this week submitted for a vacant highway driver/laborer position. St. Laurent and Schaub plan to identify which candidates will be interviewed and conduct interviews before making a hiring recommendation to the select board.
“Two years ago we had three applicants,” Schaub said. “We are fortunate to have a lot of applicants with good experience.”
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