BUCKFIELD — With 12 applications for a seven-member Recreation Commission, selectmen voted Tuesday night to raise the number of members to 12 to give all the volunteers a chance.

The decision caused outgoing Recreation Chairman David Chabe to pull his application. He said a 12-member board was too large to work with in short meetings.

He was challenged by another member who said he had wanted to enlarge the board to nine a few years back and now he didn’t want more people.

Applicant Chris Reed said he felt that adding new people might stimulate new ideas and new energy for recreational activities.

New board member Eileen Hotham said she wanted to be sure there were no hidden agendas.

Reed said he didn’t understand anything about a hidden agenda. They just had kids and wanted to get involved with the program.

Town Manager Glen Holmes questioned having an even number on the board and applicant Lisa Turcotte said she would withdraw her application and be a volunteer.

Holmes also had Town Clerk Cindy Dunn check on the legalities of making a 12-member board and he saw no problem.

The 10 members appointed were Julian Chabe, Aaron Harvey, Amy Beaucage, Randal Buswell, Heidi Campbell, D’Ann Savage, Sandy Albert, Pam Umsteadt, Chris Reed and Dana Rowe.

James Parker and Joyce Hartson were appointed to the Planning Board and the Ordinance Committee.

Lucille Allen, Cindy Dunn and Candy Brooks were appointed to the Social Services Committee.

Rebecca Perry was appointed to the Beautification Committee and Everett Tilton was appointed to the Church on the Hill Committee.

Kay Hawkins was appointed licensed plumbing inspector and Robert Larabee was appointed animal control officer.

In other news, the board accepted the recommendation from Holmes to apply the SAD 39 carryover funds of $97,000 in the Regional School Unit account this year to the carryover funds next year.

The board received a second quarterly report from the Transfer Station Swap Shop that showed the total pounds of usable items leaving the shop this quarter was more 17,700.

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