This is in response to Mark LaFlamme’s column printed July 1.
Hate is a very bad color to use to paint a picture. LaFlamme paints every salesperson with one stroke of a brush, but in doing so, he also paints himself as a salesperson writing articles.
I believe there are two types of salespeople. One is like a racehorse with blinders on — the type who do and say anything to win that race. LaFlamme’s column is an example of that thinking.
The other type is the workhorse — the salesperson who builds his or her business on honesty and integrity.
In my 30 years in sales, I have seen the Billy Mays types who are corporate tools, doing the dirty work for the lily-white CEO. I have also seen the hard-working salespeople who work 12 hours a day, six days a week. That salesperson sells the products that keep the business wheels turning, so LaFlamme can keep his job.
Peter Hart, Auburn

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