LEWISTON — When it comes to foul-weather forecasts, Peter Geiger tells people not to shoot the messenger.

The editor of the Farmers’ Almanac apologized Wednesday for accurately predicting a wet summer in the Northeast.

For June 1-3, the almanac predicted “cool weather after showers and thunderstorms.” For June 4-7, it called for “low clouds and fog” with “rain and thunderstorms prevailing” over New England.

“Watch for a passing shower or thunderstorm,” it said of the 12th to the 15th and “widespread cloudiness” for the 16th through the 19th.

When the 192nd version of the Farmers’ Almanac was published in August 2008, it predicted that the month of June 2009 would end with a week of humidity and scattered showers. The rest as they say, is history.

Geiger said June’s temperatures were cooler than he
expected, but that the rest of the forecast was, unfortunately, pretty accurate. “I’m not happy about the rain,” he said. “I apologize for being correct.
I apologize for any more bad weather.” 

The almanac’s forecast for July and August could leave almost any farmer in a slump: scattered showers, lightning, thunderstorms, wind and rain. Adding insult to injury, September is set to begin with “record-low temperatures.” 

“Unfortunately, it may never come to an end,” Geiger joked.

He shared some advice in hopes of lifting dampened spirits:

• “Always have a plan B!”

According to Geiger, it will rain most days, but “it won’t be raining every moment of every day.” Plan outdoor activities accordingly and if Mother Earth decides to let it pour, always have a back-up indoor activity ready to go.

• “There are a lot of great indoor activities.”

Geiger reminds that bowling, shopping, going to museums and movies are just a few.

• “Be more diligent about watching the weather. Be creative in your planning process.”

Geiger suggests that people spend more time checking the forecast and take advantage of the sun when it’s there.

• “There are ways to do things.”

If all else fails, Geiger suggests strapping up and embracing nature. He advises people to wear rain gear and head outdoors to enjoy their beloved activities, regardless of the weather. He believes the rain may actually bring families closer together. He says families who vacation during a period of messy weather can take advantage of the slush by staying indoors and enjoying more family time.

Geiger said he had received many calls from brides and vacationers asking about suitably dry dates for important events. “We’re a bride’s best friend,” he said, expressing regret that he didn’t have more positive news.

The Farmers’ Almanac is published in Lewiston each August and predicts regional forecasts 16 months in advance with a calculated formula developed in 1818 by its founder, David Young, according to the almanac. Geiger wouldn’t reveal 2010’s forecast to those eager to look forward to some dry weather next summer.  However, “it’s not going to be this summer all over again,” he said.

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