AUBURN — What was reported as a shooting in Auburn early Wednesday night turned out to be a case of road rage that resulted in only minor injury.

Police said an exchange between drivers on Center Street at about 6:30 p.m. came to a head near Turner Street where an assault may have occurred.

Several factors led to early confusion in the incident. Among them, a sizable crowd had gathered in the area for a biking event, including several police officers from Lewiston and Auburn providing an escort. Then there was the appearance of blood on a truck involved in the clash and word that a weapon might have come into play.

“One bystander thought they saw a gun,” said police Chief Phil Crowell.

As the investigation got under way, however, there were no indications that a gun had been involved. Police were questioning one person about possibly driving while intoxicated. At least one other was sought to be questioned about an assault,Crowell said.

The incident remained under investigation late Wednesday night.

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