The economic crisis facing the United States is a result of America spending more than it makes. This phenomenon is not just a federal problem, it is emblematic of the personal spending habits of Americans in general.

There are five possible solutions to a spending deficit: increase income, dip into savings, sell assets, counterfeit currency or borrow.

America (as a nation and as individuals) has no savings; many of its assets are already owned by foreign powers; the Federal Reserve already prints fiat currency that is not backed by gold or truly authorized by Congress (see Article II of the U.S. Constitution).

That leaves borrowing and increasing income as options.

Why is borrowing against our children seen as the only viable option that is being considered to resolve the nation’s crisis? Future generations are being legislated, even before their birth, into servitude to subsidize the financial appetites and egregious spending habits of their forefathers.

Americans must consider that future generations will be forced against their will to pay for the current entitlement programs that are designed to offset the poor choices and spending of the wealthiest generation in the history of the world (baby boomers).

I believe it is immoral to spend wildly, not to save or invest against hard times, and then coerce a population into a socialist redistribution of income to protect those who made poor choices at the expense of the futures of others.

I categorically reject being punished for our grandparents’ financial ineptitude.

Jason E. Plog, Phillips

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