By Dagny Leonard
One of the best parts of summer, besides the weather, is the fashion. Bright colors and billowy dresses fill the streets, and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite staple summer item: the flip-flop. But with so many outfits and summer colors, it is hard to find a shoe that can match everything without being boring. And let’s face it, in this economy those who have the money to buy a shoe for every outfit are few and far between.
Lindsay Phillips provides a fresh alternative to your “sole” searching. Her Switchflops have a Velcro strap design that allows you to change your flip-flop to fit the occasion, or the outfit. With more than 70 different strap styles, the possibilities are practically endless.
It only takes seconds to switch and transform a shoe, or to switch it back if you change your mind. Whether on the beach or out to dinner, the Switchflops Americana Collection has the perfect straps to help you celebrate summer, with everything from nautical to floral designs.
The basic flip-flop may seem a little pricey, but remember that one pair of shoes will go a long way when it can be made over for every outfit. The basic flip-flop costs between $35 and $41, plus $12 to $15 dollars for each additional strap.
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