Anticipating the signing of our Declaration of Independence, John Adams remarked, “It will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the Great Anniversary Festival.”

Unfortunately it has turned into just another day.

Store sales, texting, Twitter and cell phones abduct time that could be used by individuals to reflect upon the sacrifices endured by those responsible for our liberties.

Sacrifice and hard work leading to wealth, once celebrated, are now disdained. Taxes are continually raised by elected officials and used to provide layabouts and immigrants continuing benefits unavailable to the average working person. Using taxpayer money, these politicians are elevated by the media and special interest groups to the status of sainthood, while complaints by taxpayers are met with accusations of racism.

Once threats of execution steeled the resolve of the Founding Fathers to stay the course. Now the threat of public ridicule by vocal discontents quickly changes political positions.

Politicians seem more interested in showcasing to the world their perceived diplomatic prowess than bringing current hostilities to a swift, successful conclusion, causing inconsolable grief and anguish to the families of those in harm’s way.

When asked to describe the Battle of Gettysburg, a Union soldier replied, “A bunch of us went down to Gettysburg, a bunch of us didn’t come back. If you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.” Until everyone experiences the price of freedom, July 4 will continue to remain — just another day.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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