TD Banknorth 250 Champions

1974 Joey Kourafas, Sharon, Mass.
1975 Dave Dion, Hudson, N.H.
1976 Butch Lindley, Greenville, S.C.
1977 Don Biederman, Oakville, Ontario
1978 Bob Pressley, Asheville, N.C.
1979 Tom Rosati, Agawam, Mass.
1980 Geoff Bodine, Chemung. N.Y.
1981 Geoff Bodine, Chemung, N.Y.
1982 Mike Barry, Bolton, Vt.
1983 Tommy Ellis, Richmond, Va.
1984 Mike Rowe, Turner
1985 Dave Dion, Hudson, N.H.
1986 Chuck Bown, Portland, Ore.
1987 Jamie Aube, North Ferrisburg, Vt.
1988 Dick McCabe, Kennebunkport
1989 Jamie Aube, North Ferrisburg, Vt.
1990 Chuck Bown, Portland, Ore.
1991 Ricky Craven, Newburgh
1992 Dave Dion, Hudson, N.H.
1993 Junior Hanley, Campbellville, Ontario
1994 Derek Lynch, Norwood, Ontario
1995 Dave Whitlock, Petrolia, Ontario
1996 Larry Gelinas, Scarborough
1997 Mike Rowe, Turner
1998 Ralph Nason, Unity
1999 Ralph Nason, Unity
2000 Ralph Nason, Unity
2001 Gary Drew, Otisfield
2002 Scott Robbins, Dixfield
2003 Ben Rowe, Turner
2004 Ben Rowe, Turner
2005 Mike Rowe, Turner
2006 Jeremie Whorff, Bath
2007 Roger Brown, Lancaster, N.H.
.000TD Banknorth 250 Pole Winners
1974 Jim McCallum, Fall River, Mass.
1975 Dave Dion, Hudson. N.H. (won race)
1976 Dave Dion, Hudson, N.H.
1977 Morgan Shepherd, Conover, N.C.
1978 Morgan Shepherd, Conover, N.C.
1979 Junior Hanley, Campbellville, Ontario
1980 Bill Dennis, Glen Allen, Va.
1981 Geoff Bodine, Chemung, N.Y. (won race)
1982 Junior Hanley, Campbellville, Ontario
1983 Bobby Dragon, Milton, Vt.
1984 Rick Zemla, Windham
1985 Ron Moon, Cumberland
1986 Dale Jarrett, Conover, N.C.
1987 Billy Clark, Farmington
1988 Larry Pearson, Spartanburg, S.C.
1989 Bruce Haley, Minot
1990 Joey Kourafas, Sharon, Mass.
1991 Billy Clark, Farmington
1992 Bobby Dragon, Milton, Vt.
1993 Bub Bilodeau, Standish
1994 Junior Hanley, Campbellville, Ontario
1995 Dick Belisle, North Vassalboro
1996 Larry Gelinas, Scarborough (won race)
1997 Jeff Taylor, Norridgewock
1998 Sam Sessions, South Paris
1999 Pete Shepherd, Brampton, Ontario
2000 Dale Shaw, Center Conway, N.H.
2001 Gary Drew, Otis field (won race)
2002 Joe Bessey, Dallas Plantation
2003 Ben Rowe, Turner (won race)
2004 Johnny Clark, Farmingdale
2005 Stan Meserve, Mooresville, N.C.
2006 Dale Shaw, Center Conway, N.H.
2007 Shawn Martin, Turner
2008 Kevin Harvick, Bakersfield, Calif.

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