LEWISTON — City officials were moving Thursday to condemn the remains of the fire-ravaged Cowan Mill with an aim toward demolishing the remaining brick walls next week.
“It’s just not a safe structure right now,” said Phil Nadeau, acting city administrator. “We need to move quickly, we know that. How quickly? We can’t say right now.”
Fire crews were still at the scene at 11 a.m.Thursday spraying water on the smoldering brick shell — all that remains after the massive fire that spread through the building Wednesday afternoon. Nadeau said the city would post security at the site as soon as fire crews had wrapped up and investigators had completed their work.
“We plan on securing the site because it is dangerous,” he said. “Then, it will be dealt with.”
Private security personnel were at the mill Thursday night.
In the mean time, Nadeau said he was working with the city attorney to begin procedures to condemn the building. He was preparing briefings for the Lewiston City Council, and said condemnation might require a special meeting. No meeting has yet been scheduled, however.
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