RUMFORD — Selectmen at Thursday’s 7 p.m. meeting in the municipal building auditorium are expected to put nine tax-acquired properties out to bid.

The properties up for sale will be five parcels containing buildings and four with land only — one of which is a landlocked parcel the town has had for years, said
Town Manager Carlo Puiia

Among the multi-family buildings is one single-family home.

The board is also expected to approve a bid to replace slate shingles and copper flashing on the front roof of the historically recognized Rumford Public Library.

Puiia said the back roof was done last year.

Business owners along Waldo Street have asked selectmen to OK installation of a 20-minute parking sign on the street.

Puiia said he would update selectmen about needed road work on the Swift River Park housing project off Route 120.

“Preliminary work had to be done to get specs and put the project out to bid,” he said.

That work included surveying the area to install catch basins and storm drains, then repave the roads.

The board will also discuss secret ballot voting on town meeting warrants.

Puiia said this stems from the last election in June when on one item, a vote for “zero” funding beat out recommendations from selectmen and the Finance Committee.

“We need to decide how we can amend the charter to take care of that situation,” Puiia said. “If a majority of the people want to fund a project, how do we make sure that zero doesn’t trump the majority?”

“This is a chance to start dialogue and come up with what we feel is the best solution,” he said.

Selectmen will also discuss what to do about deteriorated buildings in town and conduct two executive sessions.

The first will cover a real estate matter with Puiia and an interested business party, the second ongoing union contract negotiations.

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