This is in response to George Jones’ letter, printed July 9, “Join the protest.”

Jones must be living in another world. Eight years of Bush and Cheney left the country broke and in turmoil with the world and two wars. Every branch of the government was left crippled. Bush laid off federal workers; every agency was short of people to do a proper job. Some 50 park rangers were laid off just in Acadia National Park. The trash piled up and so did the restrooms.

Then there was the $40 billion that was “lost” in Iraq because not enough oversight.

Social Security has a backlog of two to three years because there aren’t enough federal employees to serve the people.

When Bush took office, gasoline was $1.47/gallon and spiked up to more than $4/gallon.

I would remind Jones that the government is for the people and by the people, not George W. Bush and corporations.

No Child Left Behind and the two wars, with almost 5,000 troops dead and no money to take care of the troops (as well as money to replace or repair their equipment), the handling of Hurricane Katrina are among other Bush administration failures.

President Obama inherited a big mess from the most incompetent administration ever.

The country is running short of employees. It cannot function properly and people will suffer. Homeland security is a failure and health care is broken (insurance companies tell doctors what they can and can’t do).

People have had enough.

Robert Shaw, Danville

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