100 years ago, 1909

After due warning the Lewiston Board of Health caused the family goods of E. P. Wardwell of 13 Railroad alley to be placed in the street Thursday afternoon. The health officers had given all the tenants in the block at 13 and 15 Railroad alley notice to move out owing to the uncleanly state of the building. The other families began to move out yesterday, the time when the warning was up. The block is to be thoroughly cleaned by Salim Mansour, the owner of the building, before any more tenants are admitted.

50 years ago, 1959

Dr. Michael J. Harkins of 437 Main St., chairman of the Lewiston Zoning Board, didn’t sleep as well as he would have liked to last Monday night.

Many of his neighbors didn’t either.

Dr. Harkins remarked at last night’s Zoning Board meeting that the World of Mirth Shows made so much noise while moving from their railroad cars up Whipple Street and along Main Street to the fairgrounds that it was tough to get any sleep. He said he’s received complaints about the noise.

Those rubber-less wheels on some of those carnival vehicles made a racket he said. 

25 years ago, 1984

When property owners in Lewiston open their 1984 tax bills, they may be in for a pleasant surprise. Due to a larger-than-projected increase in property assessments, the city’s tax rate climbed by only 80 cents in 1984.

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