GLENSHAW, Pa. (AP) – Even plumbers sometimes encounter unfathomable clogs.

This is what happened to 49-year-old George Jessup on Saturday when he saw a duck near a storm drain in a suburban Pittsburgh neighborhood. The plumber tried to approach the duck but she “charged at me like a lion.”

So Jessup, on call for Mr. Rooter, looked into the drain. There he found the cause of the duck’s ire.

Trapped in the drain were her seven ducklings, about 2-feet below heavy grating he couldn’t budge. Determined to rescue the ducklings, Jessup called police. Firefighters also arrived on the scene.

Within 15 minutes the ducklings were free.

Then, Jessup says the Momma “scampered out into weeds” with her brood – ready now to enjoy the weekend.

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