I was watching the news recently. There was a young man saying that marriage was meant for a man and woman only, just like it’s said in the Bible. Maybe he didn’t read the Bible enough. It also says “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” There is a lot of that going around. Perhaps he forgot that adultery was in the Bible.

Once, I was against gay marriage, not because the people are gay, but because some of us hypocrites would make a lot of trouble for them.

People who have children and grandchildren should think before they vote on the gay marriage issue, and ask themselves what will those children’s lifestyles be like when they grow up. Once they are out of the house, they can’t be controlled.

Who are we to judge? Not even the bishop can do that; only God.

When are we going to stop tearing down other people? We should mind our own business.

I cannot understand why Bishop Malone once said that gay people can’t produce any children. If a priest wants to get married, he is told he can’t be a priest anymore. He’s being pushed to be celibate, so what is the difference?

That’s difficult to understand.

Eglantine Fillion, Lisbon

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