This is in answer to the letter by Walt Pulkinen (July 14), who complained of not getting an answer from Gov. John Baldacci and state Sen. John Nutting, asking them to tell him the biblical principle they used to justify signing and/or supporting the gay marriage bill.

We live in a world that is estimated to have one of every 10 people of a different sexual orientation. False witness by many churches, over the years, have called that a choice. Science is still working on discovering all the differences in DNA and genes of gay people who are, in my belief, God’s gift to us.

The biggest message I get from my Bible is to do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. When gay families tell me they and their families are made to feel like they should sit in the back of the bus, I think it is time for us to grow in our compassion and stop using gays as scapegoats for our own evil natures.

I would like to personally thank Gov. Baldacci and Sen. Nutting and the other legislators for having the wisdom to recognize that when the majority is given the vote over an unpopular minority, justice is seldom the result.

But I have great faith that if the public votes on the issue again, Maine people will stand proudly and prove they also know what justice is.

Vida Hunnewell, Lisbon Falls

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