Stamps for ministry still needed

Dear Sun Spots: Sr. Gilberte Boisvert, formerly of Holy Family,
recently celebrated her 65th year as a nun! On Thursday, July 23, she
will celebrate her 87th birthday!

She is still collecting
stamps for her African ministry. Keeping a 1/2 inch margin around the
stamp will ensure that it is not damaged. There is no such thing as
“too few stamps to send.” She gratefully accepts any and all.

those who wish to send greetings or stamps, her address is: Sr.
Gilberte Boisvert, 209 Lawrence Street, Methuen, MA 01844. Thank you. —
Lin, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: If someone can help me out, I have 20 plus carousel trays of slides which I cannot see because I need a working slide projector. I have a Dukane PRO 100 slide projector, model 110-3225 with no instructions and does not work. Can you solve its problem? Where can I get a light, a fuse and instructions for this?

I also have a Vivitar 2000 AF with no instructions and I need the carousel slide tray to go with it.

I would like to find the McCall pattern 6941 for a Raggedy Ann and Andy 15 to 24-inch doll size. I made these some 30 plus years ago for my kids, now I need it for grandchildren.

Can you look for me? I hope the instructions are in, but the pattern pieces would be great. 

Does anyone have empty Pringles chip cans with the lids? I need a bunch for a card project I do. 

If anyone can help with these requests, please call Marion at 946-5579. Thank you. — Marion, Greene.

Dear Sun Spots: Are there any stores in Maine that carry scrapple, either canned frozen or fresh? — Tom, Eustis.

Answer: Sun Spots located frozen scrapple at the Hannaford in Auburn. The clerk we spoke with said they carry it in the freezer cases of the store next to the meatballs and other frozen meats. We suggest calling your local Hannaford before making a special trip; one co-worker could not find it at the Augusta location, but we heard from others that it is available in the Franklin County locations. 

Having never heard of scrapple, Sun Spots located the following information for those who may be curious as well: 

In the dictionary, it’s defined as “cornmeal boiled with scraps of pork and allowed to set, then sliced and fried.”

An article by Lynn Kerrigan from the Daily Gourmet Web site notes that the dish originated in the Eastern Pennsylvania farmlands of German-born settlers. Scrapple is the unique creation of the Pennsylvania Dutch, who are
frugal people and many of their dishes make imaginative use of every
part of the butchered hog’s anatomy. Scrapple is one of them.

Kerrigan notes that after the ham, bacon, chops and other cuts of meat are taken from the butchered pig, what remains are fixings for scrapple. Scrapple may contain pork skin, pork heart, pork liver, pork tongue and even pork brains.

She describes the taste as being like country-style pork sausage with a unique shape and texture. It’s often served with fried eggs and a Sun Spots’ co-worker mentioned that her husband enjoys it with maple syrup.

It’s also available through mail order from RAPA Scrapple in Delaware. Their mail order season will resume in November and you can contact them for more information at 1-800-338-4727 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday.

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