Marriage is not a mere tradition. Marriage is actually a sacred institution, originated and established by God.

God created the human anatomy so that this two-person relationship could generate children.

There is a war being waged over marriage and the family. On one side are those trying to preserve God’s design. On the other are those trying to destroy God’s design.

Proponents of homosexual marriage overlook, ignore, dismiss and ridicule any evidence that exposes the damage their agenda produces. In their eyes, the deepest sacrifices to society are worth the resulting gains in personal license. But that license hurts both the individuals who indulge in it and society as a whole.

It deeply violates the law of God — an eternal, binding law that no human being can alter.

Time will prove conclusively that the more Maine, or any other state, moves to permit what God has condemned, the more misery, strife, bitterness and unhappiness it will generate.

In the end, the increasing social fragmentation it brings will result in society ruin. (Genesis 2:18-25.)

The Rev. Robert L. Roy, Auburn

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