On July 15, Lewiston suffered one of the largest fires in several years. The potential for the original fire to spread even farther than it did was nothing short of astronomical. It could have easily spread to several buildings on both sides of Lisbon Street, Canal Street and even farther.

I am able to sleep better for knowing that I live in a city that has some of the best trained firefighters, police officers and public works personnel.

I was impressed with the amount of apparatus Auburn and other surrounding communities supplied, and how quickly they arrived. It was an excellent example of mutual aid.

The firefighters did an excellent job, and the job that the Lewiston Police did was incredible. The officers handling crowd control were well aware of what was going on around and knew when the threat became too great for the spectators to be standing where they were.

I am thankful that all the emergency responders came through safe and are ready to protect and serve again.We must keep them in mind the next time there is a call to lay off public safety personnel. They should be maintained at a level that is appropriate for any future such response.

Angelo Giberti, Lewiston

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