Someone stated that President Barack Obama is on the way to bankrupting this country. That is wrong. The country is bankrupt. After blasting President George W. Bush for huge budget deficit, Obama signed a budget that is 400 percent larger. Further, it is growing.

In a major speech after he was elected, he “shouted” that the days of earmarks (pork) were over. Then, he signed a budget bill which included hundreds and hundreds of earmarks. It seems clear to me that he never even read the budget.

There isn’t a single penny in reserves to pay for Social Security. Same with Medicare. Now Obama wants to nationalize health care. A recent Rasmussen poll mentioned that 70 percent of Americans are happy with their coverage. Of the 47 million uninsured, 11 million are not even citizens, according to Fox News. Another 10 million earn more than $75,000 a year. When people ages 18-to-24 are included, most of whom are healthy, the number of uninsured is not serious. Further, when necessary, they can go to hospital emergency rooms.

Obama wants me and my children and neighbors to pay for those 47 million uninsured. At what cost? An increase of at least $1.5 trillion, which we don’t have. Don’t liberal Democrats know how to add and subtract?

The only thing that can save us from this socialist president is for the Federal Reserve to run out of ink for their printing presses. Scary.

Marcel R. Morin, Auburn

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