AUBURN — Veterans and some city officials are hoping to give the American flag a prime spot in front of Auburn Hall.

“We’ve been after the city since the building was finished to get a flag up,” said veteran Ed Desgrosseilliers. “The opinion at the time was that there was a flag across the street from Auburn Hall and that was enough.”

But it’s not enough, he said. Desgrosseilliers, local veteran groups and city officials are working to get a pole planted in front of the building’s Main Street entrance.

“I think the idea right now is that this building just won’t be complete until we have a flag in front,” City Manager Glenn Aho said.

The plan is to replace one of the planters in front of the building with a single permanent flagpole, estimated to cost $4,000.

Desgrosseilliers favors a more elaborate three-pole display.

“I don’t know if we have room in front for three poles,” Aho said. “If we decided to go that route, it certainly would be more expensive.”

Installing three poles, with room for city and state flags in addition to the Stars and Stripes, would involve digging through a layer of bricks and a layer of concrete, Aho said.

“But it all depends on how much money we raise,” he said. “If we just raise $4,000, we’ll get a single pole. But if we get $12,000? Well, we can put a man on the moon, I’m sure we can fix a sidewalk if we’re willing to spend the money.”

So far the city has collected $800, Aho said. Mayor John Jenkins said questions or donations should be sent to Aho’s office or the office of the City Clerk.

Desgrosseilliers said he hopes to form a committee to help guide the design of the flagpole.

“I think raising the money shouldn’t be too hard,” he said. “As long as we make it a public appeal, I think people will step forward.”

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