LEWISTON — Central Maine Medical Center recently honored its adult volunteers for giving more than 60,000 hours of service during the last year.

Among those honored was Eileen Danforth of Lewiston, who was recognized for giving 21,160 hours of service over a number of years. Other long-time volunteers feted were Mary Nichols of Lewiston, 17,978 hours of service, and Anita Belanger of Greene, 17,069 hours.

Also recognized were 27 Presidential Service Award winners who have each given at least 4,000 hours of service. Lapel pins and certificates endorsed by President Barack Obama were awarded.

Other honored volunteers were:

More than 11,000 hours: Helen McGuire of Lewiston, 11,836 hours; Marie Vickery of Auburn, 11,696; Hartley Fogg of Auburn, 11,675; and Dick Leavitt of Auburn, 11,291 hours.

More than 10,000 hours: Ray Ames of Lewiston, 10,132 hours.

7,000 to 8,000 hours: Mary Ann Jackman of Minot, 7,157; Pauline Fournier of Lewiston, 7,166; and
Phyllis Latlippe of Auburn, 7,324 hours.

6,000 to 7,000 hours: Don Nason of Auburn, 6,511; and Glen Spiller of Lewiston, 6,001.

5,000 to 6,000 hours: Lora Clark of Auburn, 5,490; Jackie Culina of Auburn, 5,594 hours; Toni Ramsey of Auburn, 5,556; Muriel Adams of Auburn, 5,575; and Mike Bussiere of Lewiston, 5,105.

4,000 to 5,000 hours: Lennie Butler of Auburn, 4,315; Patricia Duval of Auburn, 4,460; Helen Hewins of Greene, 4,545; Jim McDonough of Auburn, 4,757; Claire Poirier of Auburn, 4,059; Mildred Rideout of Greene, 4,009; Richard Therrien of
Lewiston, 4,008; and Kendall Thurlow of Mechanic Falls, 4,987.

3,000 to 4,000 hours: Betty Audet of Lewiston, 3,247; Connie Brann of Auburn, 3,280; Vicky Carpentier of Oxford, 3,186; Cep Ceplikas of Auburn, 3,023; Lorraine Hamann of Lewiston, 3,184; Carol Kypta of Lewiston, 3,161; Joan Levenson of Auburn, 3,129; Mary Ingalls of Greene, 3,390; Louise Plouff of Auburn, 3,960; Pat Records of Turner, 3,226; and Bea Wailus of Lewiston, 3,728.

2,000 to 3,000 hours: Marie Banville of Lewiston, 2,764; Rita Beaulieu of Lewiston, 2,157; B. Bernier of Litchfield, 2,475; Jean Berry of Lewiston, 2,470; John Berry of Lewiston, 2,470; Janice Bilodeau of Auburn, 2,764; Pauline Blais of Lewiston, 2,190; Pauline Burns of Lewiston, 2,284; Dick Bussiere of Auburn, 2,553; Jean Gilbert of Turner, 2,891; Norm Laliberte of Auburn, 2,779; Edgar Lane of Turner, 2,070; Frank McAvoy of Lewiston, 2,368; Glenys Ryder of Danville, 2,961; Ray Turcotte of Lewiston, 2,703; John Veader of New Gloucester, 2,001; Don Weeks of Auburn, 2,625; and Brenda Weeks of Auburn, 2,681.

1,000 to 2,000 hours: Claire Amero of Auburn, 1,088; Sally Bates of Lewiston, 1,427; Gilda Berube of Auburn, 1,447; Anne Ceplikas of Auburn 1,636; Gillian Curtis of Greene, 1,276; Vivian Cyr of Lewiston, 1,702; Sylvia Fisher of Hartford, 1,200;
Sandra Fox of Lewiston, 1,746; Norma Gilbert of Lewiston, 1,597; Dale Gowell of Auburn, 1,300; Pam Heald of Buckfield, 1,755; Judy Holbrook of Auburn, 1,871; Ted Ireland of Poland Spring, 1,358; Jeanne Laliberte of Auburn, 1,892; Bruce MaComber of New Gloucester, 1,633; Herb Masse of Lewiston, 1,542; Louise Masse of Lewiston, 1,542; Roger Nadeau of Lewiston, 1,441; Joan Neal of Auburn, 1,421; Wesly Ryder of Danville, 1,961; Janice Sites of Lewiston, 1,141; Ann Tetreault of Lewiston, 1,029; and Art Turley of Lewiston, 1,827.

500 to 1,000 hours: Lois Barr of Auburn, 764; Faith Bernier of Lewiston, 616; Connie Bishop of Auburn, 764; Lorraine Bolen of Lewiston, 787; Betty Bubier of Greene, 800; Barbara Cloutier of Lewiston, 771; Kathleen Cormier of Minot, 512; Joe DeFillip of Auburn, 525; Phyllis Henderson of Auburn, 786; John Hodgkins of Lewiston, 767; Jean Libby of Auburn, 987; Deborah McIntosh of Lewiston, 615; Claire Naum of Auburn, 939; Lorraine Samson of Lewiston, 932; and Vergie Ann
Wade of Monmouth, 880.

100 to 500 hours: Linda Angelo of Turner, 200; Nancy Barrows of Lewiston, 485; Hal Beatty and therapy dog Lizzie of Windham, 269; Mary Begert of Lewiston, 110; Renee Bosse of Monmouth, 157; Diane Caron of Auburn, 151; Jeremy Caron Lewiston, 171; Chuck Cook of Turner, 160; Joanne Cook of Turner, 122; Janice Cote of Lewiston, 123; Lorraine Dion of Sabattus, 440; Patricia Dunbar of Monmouth, 476; Cynthia French of Turner, 295; Marilyn Gagnon of Auburn, 323; Pat Gilbert of Turner, 350; Ed Jalbert of Lewiston, 164; Mike Kelly of Kennebunk, 150; Betty Lane of Sabattus, 195; Priscilla Lavoie of Lewiston, 449; Matt Levasseur of Lewiston, 211; Patricia Levesque of Lewiston, 221; Nancy Lewis of North Monmouth, 195; Larry Mays of Lewiston, 114; Sherry Morneau of Auburn, 199; ReJeanne Nadeau of Minot, 300 hours; Carol Provencher of Lewiston, 213; Sue Ray of Auburn, 150; Barbara Richard of Sabattus, 140; Conrad Soucy of Minot, 214; Nancy Wilkins of Lewiston, 252; Jordan Witherell of Greene, 414; Brenda Watts of Lewiston, 365; Roger Verreault of Turner, 175; Sylvia Verreault of Turner, 402; and Mike Zubiate and therapy dog Jake of Lewiston, 215.

100 hours or less: Pearl Ames of Winthrop, 31; Mae Audibert of Poland, 21; Robert Booth of Lewiston, 8; Alta Bouchard of Lewiston, 26; Connie Cabatingan of Auburn, 18; Michael Casey of Lewiston, 10; Jean Claude Chamillard of Lewiston, 43;
Richard Charest of Lewiston, 18; Stanley Chapman of Winthrop, 18; Caroline Chick of Sabattus, 8; Richard Chick of Sabattus, 4; Georgette Croteau of Lewiston, 96; Lita Desanctis of Winthrop, 3; Rolande Dube of Auburn, 18; Steve Dwinal of Lewiston, 78; Bonnie Gammon of Auburn, 98; Christine Goulette of Turner, 12; Amy Guimond of Lewiston, 96; Gary Guimond of Lewiston, 84; Deborah Haire of Auburn, 50; Rachel Hanscomb of Lewiston, 3; Rosy Hayden and therapy Stella of Auburn, 5; Dorothy Higgins of Lewiston, 10; Richard Knight of Auburn, 9; Eva LaDoucer of Lewiston, 18; Gilmay Lamarre of Auburn, 60; Kathy Lamore of Lewiston, 5; Stephen Lamore of Lewiston, 6; Carmelle Laplante of Lewiston, 15; Richard Lavoie of Lewiston, 86; Callie Lemieux of Durham, 3; Karen Lemieux of Durham, 34; Grace McDonald of Lewiston, 7; Tess Maguire of Lewiston, 31; Margaret Marcotte of Lewiston, 18; Celine Martel of Lewiston, 5; Norman McKeone of Auburn, 5; Liane Morreau of Lewiston, 18; Anna Murphy of Auburn, new volunteer; Guy Nadeau of Lewiston, 2; Norma Paradis of Lewiston, 15; Sheila Patrick of Lewiston, 75; Dixie Piper of Poland, 7; Ralph Poland of Auburn, 56; Sandra Porter of North Monmouth, 59; Debra Powell of Lewiston, 25; Shanti Rausch of Auburn, 92; Jim Richard of Lewiston, 7; Carole Roy of Lewiston, 52; Cecile Roy of Lewiston, 12; Roger Roy of Lewiston, 36; Steve Roy of Lewiston, 36, Belinda Samson of Lewiston, 79; Larry Samson of Lewiston, 26; Lorraine Sands of Lewiston, 2; G. Sonagere of Auburn, 56; Hugo Sonagere of Auburn, 56; Mignonne St. Pierre and therapy dog Mocha of Lewiston, 5; Joe Sullivan of Lewiston, 69; Jessica Taylor of Lewiston, 19; Sr. Renee Turcotte of Lewiston, 18; John Whalen of Auburn, 6; David Ward of Lewiston, 13; Sally Wilkinson of Gray, 15; James Young of Auburn, 50; and Mildred Whittingham of Lewiston, 2.

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