Well, what do you know. It can get worse than near nonstop rain in July.

With a steady downpour expected Friday morning, weather officials are warning that streams and rivers could flood.

It is a warning they typically issue in April.

“Oh, it’s unusual,” said Bob Marine, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Gray. “We’re going at a near-record pace as far as rainfall goes.”

For most of the month, the rain has merely been an almost daily drizzle. For the first half of Friday, the intensity of it is expected to pick up, so much so that up to 4 inches could fall by noon.

“Pretty much the whole area is going to get a good soaking,” Marine said.

Flood watches were under way late Thursday night for parts of New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Farther north, weather experts and emergency officials will be keeping their eyes on river levels later in the day for signs of flooding.

“The potential is there,” Marine said.

The proverbial light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel is dim at best. Into the weekend, a chance of showers is predicted for Saturday morning and again on Sunday.

“But there will be some sun, too,” Marine said. “It’s by no means going to be a complete washout.”

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