We’ve been hit hard. The unemployment rate in Maine is currently 8.5 percent. We in Maine work hard, play by the rules and yet for so many people, that hasn’t been enough because of the greed and recklessness of a small minority of uncaring CEOs and powerbrokers.

When I drive around my district and see the “For Sale” signs, all I can think about is how do we prevent this from happening again? How do we rebuild a sustainable economy?

We give working Mainers a chance to earn a fair wage and good benefits, by passing the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act is a bill that Congress is considering that will help protect workers’ rights to form unions and to collectively bargain. That will help the economy by giving workers equal footing with employers so that they can negotiate fair wages, benefits and dignity.

With a decent paycheck, folks won’t need to use debt to make ends meet. What’s more, they will be able to spend money in their communities so that small business owners and large businesses will prosper.

Our economy is based on consumer demand, and we’ve been artificially creating it through debt instead of decent jobs. Now, Congress has a chance to change that by passing the Employee Free Choice Act.

Rep. Paul E. Gilbert, Jay

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