It is indeed with a sad heart that I hear and read the news about our country lately. It is not the type of government that is the problem or needs to be changed. The problem, simply put, is the people the voters have kept in government who have been in office for many years.

Politicians should not be in office more than a few years. It seems to be their nature that they soon begin to self-destruct and believe the voters mean nothing. A politician can simply spend lots of money for about six months and their re-election is almost assured.

Democracy, socialism, communism, even a dictatorship will work if executed in a Christian manner. That is, God first and treating a neighbor as oneself. I believe that is too much to ask of any politician for more than about 10 years. Yet this is what American voters (and illegal voters) have done to politicians. We keep them in office too long.

We have sinned against our politicians by demanding more than they are capable of, mainly honesty, truth, and the pursuit of justice for more than a few years. Shame on us voters. Gone is the USA so many have died for.

Joel M Denison, Strong

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