People who can’t seem to see the speed limit signs on Sabattus Street! People……it’s 30….that’s: T-H-I-R-T-Y……..!!!! Don’t tailgate people doing the speed limit! Someone is going to get killed! Is it any wonder that road rage is alive and well? Do you have an inkling of just how stupid you look zooming past someone who is obeying the law with your obstinate looking face?
— Louis Beaulieu/Lewiston

To the drivers who drive their cars with a dog on their lap and the dog’s head and shoulders sticking out of the driver’s window: This is not the way you qualified for a driver’s license. If an officer sees this, he may well stop you and give you a ticket for incautious and imprudent driving. You will probably pay a fine in court. This last one I saw with the dog on his lap was a gold lab. Where is the common sense of these people? An accident with another car would cost the driver liability also.
I hope the cops catch these drivers.

I live in the inner city, and my gripe is the noise on the street on and off all night. Now that the warm weather’s here, the problem is worse. There are people yelling, screaming, swearing and fighting. Some are drunk. Some are high. They pick people’s flowers, mess with their vehicles, damage signs, etc. They are out on the street, off and on, anytime between 11 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. I go around dragging my butt every summer from lack of sleep. I wish someone had a solution to this problem. I put my house up for sale, but the market is bad, and the street people stole three “for sale” signs from my property. That’s why I feel like GRIIIIIIPING!!!!!!!!
Tired in Lewiston

My gripe is yard sales, etc. I’m embarrassed for some. There oughtta be a law for trying to sell dirty, stained clothing etc! Out of boxes, not sorted, no prices, really! And women who expect to get almost every cent they paid for things with tags or “like new.” It’s a sale to get rid of, get real! I thank the people who take the time to price clean items and to be reasonable.
— Used to be “seller” in Lewiston-Auburn

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