I have been a lifelong supporter of the Sun Journal and, lately, it has been more informative and entertaining than watching television. I cannot wait for the next edition.

Last week, it was the Lewiston City Council, and now it is the Auburn City Council that wants some publicity.

Just imagine if the merging of Lewiston and Auburn became a reality — the circus would not need to come to town because people could witness a complete freak show just by attending a Twin City council meeting.

It’s absolutely despicable to read about the degree of dissension within the city councils of Auburn and Lewiston. Members act like a tribe of monkeys fighting over the same banana at meetings, and that’s the reason for their failure to make sound business decisions.

Lewiston City Administrator Jim Bennett did not allow himself to lower his level of maturity to that of the Lewiston councilors and was able to walk away from City Hall with his head up high, despite being terminated so disgracefully.

Robert P. Lacombe, Sabattus

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