FARMINGTON — Cash, credit and debit cards were taken in four car burglaries in the area of High, Anson and Perham streets late Friday night, and police have charged one person.

Jeffrey Horton, 20, of New Portland was stopped by police and charged with burglary of a motor vehicle after the owner saw him in her car about 11:40 p.m. and called police, Lt. Jack Peck of the Farmington Police Department said.

Horton left the scene before police arrived, but the car owner was able to give police a description and his license plate number. After stopping Horton, police found an MP3 player taken from the vehicle in his possession along with cash, debit cards and other items. Horton said they belonged to his ex-girlfriend, Peck said.

At the time Horton was stopped, police were unaware of three other car burglaries. All four vehicles were unlocked. A total of $345 cash was taken from one vehicle. Debit and credit cards were taken from the vehicles as well as a checkbook, he said.

Horton had a passenger with him but that person was not charged.
Police are continuing their investigation, Peck said.

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