What child hasn't dreamed of whiling away the hours of a lazy summer afternoon atop a tree in a house of his/her own? Suppose that child has read a book where the treehouse transports him/her to a world of experiences in, say, Egypt with a mummy or two?

Such is the case of Camille Bisson, 6, of Pleasington, Calif. During a recent phone conversation with her grandfather Paul Bisson of Auburn, Camille shared her daydream, "Wouldn't it be cool if I could have my own treehouse?"

That was all the inspiration "Papa" needed to build a treehouse as a surprise for his three grandchildren, Camille, Aiden, 4, and Jack, 5.

His labor of love began about eight days prior to Camille's visit to Maine to stay with Papa and Nana, Brenda Bisson. Before beginning the actual construction, Bisson searched for prototypes on the Internet and settled on a design that suited him. He drew out plans, bought material and began his work. A retired account manager for Jones and Vining and currently an ed tech at Sherwood Heights Elementary School in Auburn, Bisson had never really tackled something of this nature all on his own before.

His wife added, "It had to be visible from the house," so she could keep an eye on the children as they played. "Our two grandsons arrive in a few weeks from New York. They'll all be out there."

Bisson reflected on his work, "It all fell exactly into place."

His wife painted, a neighbor donated the roofing material and helped him add the roof, and he hammered, sanded and labored until dark.

"The hardest part was the deadline (of having it done before Camille arrived). The whole thing was enjoyable to do, knowing (the grandchildren) would enjoy it," he said. "I am creating memories for the children. I like knowing that for years to come they will be coming to Nana's and Papa's to play."

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