TURNER – Bob Arsenault of Wayne recorded a recent hole-in-one at Turner Highlands Golf Club. Arsenault used a 9-iron on the 15th hole.

Turner Highlands
TURNER – Three-person best ball: Heidi Haylock/Dreek Cutter/Bill Timberlake -15, Paul Cutter/Charlie Bonney/Ron Blake -14, Bob Bowie/Chuck Sarchi/Cindy Place -14, Ryan Stretton/Todd Walton/Joan Deschenes -13.

LEEDS – Men’s Twilight, two-man blind draw: Gross, Bill Crane/Scott Foster 37, Brad Pattershall/Leo Bellemare 37, Rick St. Laurent/Brandon Marcotte 37; Net, Ron Harrington/Ken Carver 30, Steve Dyer/Mike Labonte 30, Jay Levasseur/George Ames 31, Chris Pugh/Jon Kent 31, Dave St. Andre/Keith Hanning 31, Jeff Kent/Dan Parent 31, Jim Fennessy/Tom Tiner 31. Pins, No. 2, Brad Pattershall 9-1; No. 8, Jeff Marcotte 8-11.
Best-of-three: Gross, Tom Tiner/Joe Mertzel/Jeff Marcotte 146; Net, Scott Foster/Bob Kent/Matt Beckim 111, Ron Leeman/Ron Harrington/Ken Carver 115. Pins, No. 2, Fred Warner 12-7; No. 8, John Goulet 6-9; No. 13, Scott Foster 49-0; No. 15, Tom Tiner 31-0. Skins, Gross, Bob Kent (No. 5), Scott Foster (16), Fred Warner (17), Frank Whittier (18); Net, Ron Harrington (3), Matt Beckim (4, 10), Bob Kent (5), Dave Labonte (6), Scott Foster (16), Frank Whittier (18).

Prospect Hill
AUBURN – Ladies League, friends’ day: 1. Connie Doboga/Camille Booker, 2. Kim Coombs/Phoebe Lowell, 3. Jean Cote/Jeannette Cote. Pins, Barbara Hinkley, Pauline Couture. 50/50, Pauline Blais.

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