LEWISTON — Two councilors will meet with Acting City Administrator Phil Nadeau this week, hoping to hammer out a contract for his employment.

Councilors met behind closed doors for about an hour Tuesday night, first with Nadeau and then without him, to discuss the terms of his employment contract. It was the second of three closed door executive session meetings for councilors Tuesday.

“I put some ideas out there, and they obviously needed more time,” Nadeau said. “I’m not surprised, because this is the first chance they’ve had to even discuss it.”

Nadeau is scheduled to meet with Councilors Denis Theriault and Robert Reed later this week to discuss his contract.

Councilors appointed Nadeau as acting administrator at their July 14 meeting, after agreeing to buy out Jim Bennett’s contract for the job without cause by a 5-2 vote. Councilors Tom and Nelson Peters both voted to retain Bennett.

According to the terms of his contract, Bennett receives the $110,000 remaining in his contract and full benefits for a year.

Nadeau said Tuesday he has not decided if he would seek the permanent administrator’s job.

Councilors also voted to appoint Finance Director Dick Metivier and HR Director Denis Jean as acting deputy city administrator and his alternate. But that vote was not unanimous: Councilors Tom and Nelson Peters both voted against those appointments.

“I wanted to make a point,” Nelson Peters said. “I voted against the decision that made this necessary, so I voted tonight to be consistent.”

His brother, Councilor Tom Peters, echoed Nelson.

“I don’t believe it’s right to condone the earlier decision, and just go on like it’s business as usual,” he said. “I’ll continue on and I’ll fulfill my duties and continue to do my job but I didn’t agree with that.”

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