LITCHFIELD – Steve Foss of Wales recorded his first career hole-in-one Tuesday at The Meadows Golf Club. Foss used a 4-iron to cover the 190-yard, par-3 fifth hole. Playing partners were Tim Tracy of Litchfield, Dave Cutter of Auburn and Ron Bernard of Sabattus.


LEEDS – Senior Point Quota League: Bob Cochran +6, John Gross +6, John Manning +6, Keith Weatherbie +5, Norm Boulanger +4.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Ladies League, friends’ day: 1. Connie Doboga/Camille Booker, 2. Kim Coombs/Phoebe Lowell, 3. Jean Cote/Jeannette Cote. Pina, Barbara Hinkley, Pauline Couture. 50/50, Pauline Blais.


POLAND – Wednesday Night League: Team standings, Tardif/Sawyer 152.5, J. Lever/D. Lever 148.5, Godin/Lesperance 142.5, McCurdy/Mathieu 139.5, Poulin/Cook 134.5, Rametta/Barry 132, Jalbert/Dumont 131.5, Cloutier/Letourneau 131.5, Knowlton/Haines 131.5, Haley/Girouard 123.5, Peaco/Giroux 120.5, Richard/Delahanty 120.5, Arnoldy/Spencer 117.5, M. Olon/R. Olson 82. Pin, No. 11, Ed Haley 27-9. Low gross, A, Scott McCurdy 39; B, Pete Godin 38. Low net, A, Dan Poulin, Claude Lesperance 33; B. Pete Godin 30.

Thursday Ladies: Game of the week, putts, B, Mickey Bolduc; C, Jeanette Barriault; D, Dot Hopkins. Low gross, A, Alex Bouchles; B, Dottie Cooper; C, Noella Rocheleau; D, Irene Mathieu. Low net, A, Cindy Hammond; C, Germaine Martel; D, Betty Johnson. Pin, No. 8, Noella Rocheleau. 50/50, Lynn Polley.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Nadeau Refrigeration League: Team standings, Fortin 180, Pearson 175, Witonis 168, Samson 165, Cloutier 162.5, Washburn 162, Chapman 161.5, Henry 147. Pins, A/B, Craig Chapman 22-3; C/D, Gary Harlow 35-6. Low scores by flight, A, Jace Pearson 37;B, Larry Godin 39; C, Mike Blais 48; D, Marcel Brissette 48. Skins, Gross, Larry Godin (No. 10), Mike Fortin (13, 18), Bob Washburn (17); Net, Larry Godin (10), Marcel Brissette (12), Mike Brown (16), Bob Washburn (17), Mike Fortin (18). 50/50, Jace Pearson.

Tuesday Night Ladies: Game of the week, fewest putts, A, Kathy Rae Emmi, Sharon Buckley 14; B, Diane Stone 14; C, Theresa Nadeau 16; D, Jeannette Bazinet 17. Team standings, 1. Team 3 (Emmi/Michaud) 70.5, 2. Team 13 (Havey/Gelinas) 68.5, 3. Team 7 (Buckley/Gordon) 65.


AUBURN – Men’s League, blind draw, points: Tom Ray/Pete Sassano +2.5, Fred Bishop/Matt Mosher +1, Jim Hood/Fred Hall +1. Skins, Gross, Jim Piper (No. 3, 8), Rich Tremblay (6), John Masters (9), Fred Hall Sr. (12), Pete Sassano (15), Tom Ray (17).

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