Cheers and jeers from around the news:

• Jeers to maintaining a proper diet. Here’s what the Senate architects of landmark health care legislation, which includes Sen. Olympia Snowe, have snacked on during meetings, according to The New York Times: Doritos, Oreos, beef jerky and, the coup de grace, chocolate-covered potato chips.

Wellness and nutrition programs are a crucial part of reducing health care costs; too many Mainers, in particular children, are unhealthily obese. The burden this puts on the health care system is not only obvious, but quantifiable: more than $500 million in Maine annually, according to the state.

We’re not saying a few chips or cookies are anathema to health reform. We’re just saying that those important people who are working on it should try to remember that you are what you eat.

• Cheers to the Democrats coming to town. The state party announced this week that the 2010 convention will move from Augusta to the Androscoggin Bank Colisee. And given the growing number of gubernatorial candidates duking it out, it could be a circus down there.

There’s a chance for some economic boom, too, with all the people in town. The greatest opportunity, though, is showcasing Lewiston-Auburn and the arena. The Colisee has been sorely underutilized in recent years. We hope events like this help persuade other groups to make good use of it.

• Jeers to whatever has gotten into Boston firefighters. Yet another one has been arrested in our area for allegedly growing marijuana, this time in Litchfield. (The first was in Bridgton.) The department has been in the city’s newspapers frequently, too, for allegations of rampant, fraudulent claims of disability.

We’re sure the BFD is filled with hard-working, honest people who are doing the work of the public. But these scandals and arrests are wreaking havoc on the reputation. Is a housecleaning in order?

• Cheers to crazy ideas. We’ve got one for the bricks from the burned-out Cowan Mill, since they have virtually no value, except as perhaps filler for the mill site. Stay with us now: Let’s gather them up, paint them yellow and build a road. That’s right: a Yellow Brick Road.

Admittedly, it’s a goofy notion. But it would be quite the unique feature for Lewiston-Auburn, as well as a novel way of preserving and cherishing the history of the Cowan Mill by recycling its material into something thought-provoking, instead of just fill.

It could be a great school/community project. This year, too, is the 70th anniversary of the legendary film adaptation of the “Wizard of Oz,” starring Judy Garland. And don’t forget the best part of building a yellow brick road in L-A: following it to its end.

Who knows what we might find.

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