It is my opinion that when it comes to ice cream, any flavor works — providing the ice cream is good quality. After all, if the consistency and taste are lacking, what’s the point of eating it? 

Cold Stone Creamery recently opened in Lewiston at Tim Horton’s on Lisbon Street, and get this — they are open 24/7! Excuse me while I do my happy dance … okay, let the ice cream hangovers commence.

Speaking of ice cream hangovers, I experienced one last Tuesday when I went to Cold Stone on one of the first really warm summer days this year. Mint ice cream, super rich and minty, with shaved chocolate and — brace yourself — Gummy Bears. Hey, I’m paying for the sugar overload, but it was well worth it.

Cold Stone is known for its creative flavors, like cake batter and cheesecake, as well as their mix-ins and, of course, the outburst of song upon receiving a nice tip. Tip them … really. It’s great to be served ice cream with a song. One thing is certain, no wallflowers work here.

They have sugar-free options and frozen yogurt, not to mention smoothies for the health conscious. It’s a frozen treat heaven, well, at least as far as this ice cream fanatic is concerned. Sizes come in Like it, Love it, and Gotta Have It (which is way more ice cream than I thought it would be). Pricing starts at just over $4 for signature and custom creations. 

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you might want to try the new cupcakes (a
chocolate cup filled with cake and ice cream that comes in a to-go pack
of six) in three varieties: sweet cream, cake batter deluxe, and double
chocolate devotion. A cooler case full of signature cakes, cupcakes and
more are available as well. You can even create a custom cake for that
special occasion.

Mint ice cream with shaved chocolate at Cold Stone Creamery in Lewiston.

Tasty tidbits

What: Cold Stone Creamery

Where: 855 Lisbon Street, Lewiston

When: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Why: Ice cream that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Atmosphere: Bright and clean coffee shop/ice cream shop with plenty of seating and ample parking.

Pricing: Ice cream starts at just over $4; take home sizes are available, too.

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