AUBURN — A man led Twin Cities police on a short chase Monday afternoon, finally stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts in Lewiston where he hoped to say goodbye to his girlfriend.

“Apparently, he was on the phone with her the entire time,” said Auburn police Officer Dave Madore. “He said that’s why he didn’t stop. He knew it was going to end up in his arrest, and he wanted to say goodbye.”

Police chased Stephen Crandell, 30, of Lewiston from Center Street in front of K-Mart, down Turner Street, through Great Falls Plaza and across the Longley Bridge into Lewiston. He continued up Main Street to the Dunkin’ Donuts shop, where the girlfriend was working.

“It was a low-speed chase,” Madore said. “For a moment or two there I thought he might be pulling over, but I pulled close and I saw him look at me in his rearview mirror. Still, he didn’t go much faster than 45 miles per hour.”

Madore said the chase began when Crandell ran a Center Street red light. He was also wanted on a fugitive from justice charge in Massachusetts, as well as for unpaid fines in Maine.

He’s facing new charges of failure to stop for an officer, driving to endanger, driving with a suspended license and violating conditions of release. Those will be added to civil traffic charges, including failure to stop for a red light.

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