I would like to apologize for my actions this past week in asking for a legal opinion regarding another councilor’s right to facilitate a meeting regarding recent council decisions.

I am proud to live in a country that grants the rights of free speech and free assembly, and would never wish to impose silence on an individual or group. In a moment of passion and love for my city and the job I was elected to do, I asked for a legal opinion as to whether another councilor could hold such a meeting. It is now clear that he can as long as he stays away from discussing certain issues or discussing city business. Fortunately, the decision did not cost this city one penny — it was given free as a service we already pay for.

I still have reservations about a sitting council president holding such a meeting, as it seems to violate the body of which he was elected president, but it is his right to assemble in this manner. I look forward to the elections in November at which time the voters can decide if my actions and decisions over the past two years have been what they had hoped for when they elected me.

I remain vigilant in financial matters and keeping Lewiston a safe and vibrant city we all wish to raise our families in.

Robert Reed, Lewiston

City councilor, Ward 7

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