I am a 79-year-old widow with no children. Although there are many nieces, grandnieces and such, there is nobody to help me now that my strength is giving out. I thank God for the people from Care and Comfort, who help me keep myself and my small apartment clean now. They help me stay as independent as possible, and out of a nursing home.

The Maine Legislature should take into consideration how much cheaper it is for the state for such in-home care instead of the elderly being cloistered in nursing homes.

I think people look at older women and think that all we have to do, and like to do, is stay put in a room or two, all day and night, doing a bit of work and waiting for someone to come visit. We seem to be shut out of the everyday family life and outside activities we always did. The elderly may have health issues and physical disabilities, but most still want to be part of life.

I’m going to keep going as long as the Lord allows. I’ll keep going to meetings and church and social activities as long as possible. It would be nice to get just a bit more help.

Marylyn Bachelder, Strong

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