Anyone with information on the fatal shootings in Rumford is asked to call Maine
State Police at 657-3030 or the Rumford Police Department at 364-4551.

RUMFORD — As police continued their investigation into a double homicide on Pine Street, townspeople said they believed the crimes marked an isolated incident of violent crime in a quiet neighborhood.

Victor Reed Sheldon, 22, and Roger Leroy Day Jr., 48, were shot dead in the living room of a single-story house at 244 Pine St. at about 9:45 p.m. Monday

State and town police on Wednesday were conducting interviews and gathering evidence from inside the house to send to the state crime lab, said Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

On Tuesday, police released a sketch of a man seen fleeing the scene on foot after the shootings. McCausland said a third man, an associate of the victims, was in the house at the time of the shootings. He was unhurt and helped police with the sketch.

The man is described as about 6 feet tall, white, in his 20s, with a medium build and dark, shoulder-length hair. He also had bandages or gloves on his hands that kept his fingers free. Police said the man may have changed his appearance since the crimes.

“We have not received many calls on the sketch we put out,” McCausland said. “That face has gotten a great deal of attention, but so far we are still looking for a name.”

Residents along Pine Street said the sketch did not look like anyone they knew.

“I’ve lived in Rumford my whole life, and I had no idea by looking at it,” said Sheena Arsenault, who lives across the street from 244 Pine St.

Arsenault said she did not hear the gunshots because she was running fans, but a friend called her after hearing about the shootings on a police scanner. She said Day, one of the shooting victims, frequently came over to loan DVDs or video games and to borrow cigarettes.

“He was always very friendly,” Arsenault said. “He was a real good guy.”

Another neighbor, Greg Zadakis, said Day was quiet and would help people in the neighborhood.

“It’s just unbelievable that this would happen to Roger, the kind of guy who seems like he wouldn’t have an enemy in the world,” Zadakis said.

Larry Mayo, who has resided on the street for 50 years, said the neighborhood has always been quiet. He said more cars have been traveling along Pine Street since the shootings.

“It is shocking, surprising,” Mayo said. “You never know something like this is going to happen in your neighborhood, on your street.”

“I guess it doesn’t matter where you live,” said Denise Oakes, who moved to Pine Street two months ago. “It could happen.”

Residents said the street was quiet and not subject to serious trouble. Arsenault said Day liked to have company over; McCausland said Sheldon had recently been living at the house.

The owner of the house, Anthony Scott Richard, 34, was extradited to Montana on federal sex charges in April. Police have not commented on whether the homicides may have been related to that incident or to a domestic assault complaint against Sheldon. He was scheduled for arraignment in Rumford District Court on Tuesday.

Police advised townspeople to be aware of their surroundings in the wake of the murders. Residents said people were staying indoors more than usual, but also said they did not feel unsafe.

“I think it was just an isolated incident,” Zadakis said. “I’m sure there was a motive for it. And I don’t think that motive involved anybody else.”

“I don’t think it’s a neighborhood thing,” Arsenault said. “I think something was going on, or someone thought something was going on.”

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